Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life after TEFL

TEFL course is over! Look at all of those proud and beaming graduates!

I am finishing up my portfolio and Grammar paper this week, and then I will be free and my certificate will be in the mail to me!

During our TEFL party (pictured above) at Máximo Nivel, Mojito got spilled up my nose, and there was plenty of dancing. At the spill-over party in Roots, arguably the best disco in town, our TEFL professor as well as another English teacher and two of our students danced on the bar. I even got down with someone who had nothing to do with Máximo. Score! You might be sad to hear that I didn't dance on the bar, but don't worry, I got into my own mischief. ;) The night on a whole was super and I spent the next day in bed, which was also super.

I am giving myself a week or two here in Cusco to re-ground. This TEFL course really did eat my life, and I'm getting it back. Enjoying spending more time at home or outside, as opposed to my TEFL classroom... I'm enjoying taking pictures and exploring and walking and breathing, and being.

After I've decompressed from the course, I'm planning to travel through Peru, with spots and sites including but not limited to: Machu Picchu, Arequipa and Colca Cañon, and Lake Titicaca. Next up, Chile and Argentina, maybe, who knows. Not me.

If you have ideas, give me a holler.

For now, peace.

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