Thursday, November 17, 2011


Number of days until I get on that damned plane: 5

Number of lego figures gifted to me so I "won't forget about" my 8-year-old cousin: 1

Number of times I had to remind my 10-year-old cousin this was the final goodbye so she should really turn off that Nicki Minaj video she and some friends had recorded so I could hug her goodbye because I had to leave now: 4

Number of glasses of wine consumed this evening: 2

Number of things left on my to-do list: 1746.3333333

Number of things completed from my to-do list today: 2.3333333

It does not look good, ladies and gentlemen. It does not look good.


  1. AHHHHH!!! Good luck! As a friend told me before I left: "The hardest part is leaving."

  2. So exciting Jess!!!!! Good luck, and good times ahead : )

  3. @ lonelygirltravels: So true! But I suspect it all comes down to: "thinking about moving dirt is hard; moving dirt is easy."

    @wasabihoneybee: Thank you Marica! :)