Sunday, November 27, 2011

Our apartment in Szeged

I have been up for so many hours.
Brain body and spirit buzzing too much for much sleep on the plane.
Even my distractions (books, movies, music) couldn't keep me from riding the waves.
I felt like puking, and I felt like crying, and I felt like laughing. I did the second two.
It was glorious.

It feels surreal and too real and eventually, I suspect, it will just feel real.
There is so much to say but I will just leave you with pictures of our apartment for now.

Ready to leave Matt's apartment in Chicago. I can't believe this was just hours ago.

Living room

Breakfast/tea/dinner nook

My room, pre-unpacking.

The toilet part of the bathroom.

The shower/sink/washing machine room.

So cozy, so thankful, so tired.

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