Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Love my Life

Because look!

How cute is Tomi and his Valentine's card?

And look at how snowy Szeged is!  This is the most snow Szeged has had for years.  Kathryn and I were walking home from the market.

Then, today it decided to be spring.  The birds started their singing, like some great conductor cued them, like they had been waiting, shivering in the cold and tapping their tenderly clawed feet like impatient human thumbs.

And tonight we went to karaoke with the yoga club.

Seeing my yoga tribe singing (and occasionally rapping) to Creedence Clearwater, Alanis Morissette, and even "I'm too Sexy"? This was priceless.  One of the yoga teachers (a sober man) put his glasses on so he could sing a Hungarian rap with the guys, and he bounced up on his feet like his legs were springs.

I love my life and I'm staying in Szeged.

Szep Szeged.  City of Sunshine.

Another year of charades.  More bike rides and duct-taped conversations.  What I imagine will amount to gallons of guylash.  Deeper yoga practice.  Deeper relationships.  I can't even imagine the amount of sour cream I will consume.  The paprika paste.  Langos.  And homeopathic stomachache pills.  Szeged, I love you.  Bring it on.

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