Monday, March 23, 2009

Accounting for my Blessings

  • I have decided that night-long dance marathons heal everything. They're so detoxifying! As long as you don't count the alcohol I consume in order to make them possible.
  • On Saturday there was a party to celebrate the TEFL grads at my school, Máximo Nivel (that'll be me in four short weeks.) There were free drinks, food, and a DJ who played a great mix of hip-hop, salsa, and the occasional 80s song (including a-ha's "Take on Me") which carried over into various other Cusco clubs. I danced for at least four hours, mostly with this total charmer from Máximo, Juan Carlos. A live, local Peruvian band covered everything from "Give it Away" by the Red Hot Chili Peppers to "La Camisa Negra" by Juanes, as well as many other traditional songs.
  • My favorite moment of the evening: The band started playing"La Camisa Negra" (which is suuuchhh a good song) and of course we both loved it and started dancing like crazy, and I have this realization, this epiphany, so I point to his shirt, and in this excited drunken 5-year-old on too many sour patch kids way say," tienes la camisa negra!!!"
  • Is it weird that I enjoy being the minority? Whenever I go anywhere and I'm the only gringa, it feels great.
  • My boleto turistico (a ticket allowing entrance to many local and surrounding archeological sites and museums) is up, and I visited all but four locales. This weekend will be relaxing: the only things I have on my plate are TEFL course homework, and Veronica's birthday party. More dancing!
  • Today I spent 70 USD on two pairs of hot jeans that fit (!!!!!!!!! I could get used to this), a pair of spiffy teacher-appropriate pants, a cardigan and a nice knit top. My teaching ensemble is nearly complete.
  • I know my Spanish is progressing because I was able to carry my weight in a conversation that started with, "Let's be lovers!" I'm considering it. Meanwhile, I am learning more commands. They come in very handy, as it turns out. Especially with los hombres.
  • Aaaaahhh I love it here in Cusco!
  • I am counting my blessings. I am slogging through foggy doubt and looking at the bigger picture, which is this: I am here, in Cusco, in this moment, present and confident and with unshakeable faith that everything is unfolding perfectly and preciously. I am expressing gratitude for my blessings, which come in many forms. I am communicating clearly, and tuning into my energy, wants, and needs. --Also, what I don't want or need! Overall, I feel lighter here, relaxed; my life is simple and stripped. There is so much space for greatness to happen. Nothing is squeezed, everything is breathing.
  • Namasté.

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