Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Recent News . . .

I had my first TEFL class day today! My classmates seem really rad, and so does my teacher. I have my first mini-lesson on either Friday or Monday. This consists of me choosing a topic, planning a lesson, and teaching in front of 6 ESL students for twenty minutes. Yikes! I am excited! Although, everyone who finds out that I am doing TEFL says, as an ESL student said to me today, "poor thing." Even the first word out of my Spanish teacher´s mouth was "pobrecita." I know it will be a lot of work, and it will be a challenge, but I feel profoundly positive about it.

We have a new housemate, Lou, from Texas. He´s pretty quiet so far, but he just arrived yesterday, so we´ll see. He´s also in the TEFL course; there are 8 students total.

I have started sitting closer to people. I.E. if there are a couple of empty chairs at a table and one is close to a student, I´ll sit there. It´s pretty American to keep the distance, but my guess is I will meet more people this way.

Not over my cold yet; it keeps coming back in different forms. Any positive thought or healing light you could send to my body would be greatly appreciated, especially to my nose and throat areas.

A lot of the students in my TEFL class are well-traveled, and as I suspected, most of us are like-minded and in similar places in our lives. I am thinking the intensity of the course will require bonding, and homework parties, and general hanging-out. I am so glad I tuned in to my wanting to start my travels with a TEFL, and I am equally glad I got two weeks of light Spanish classes in which I was able to settle, ground, and explore.

We´re off for a city tour in a few, so I´m out of here.


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