Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Open Now: A New Song (with video!)

I wrote this song in the wintertime.  It is called (at the moment) Open Now.

This is a really rough recording, imperfect and raw.


Open Now

Will you look how it's all opened up since you stopped squeezin'
And grace moves through you on the path where sorrow's been heavy breathing
You say my eyes and heart were closed when I washed up here, when I washed up here

Well I'm all out of bravery, fresh out of strength
And what was once so strong and hard is cardboard in the rain
Labor pains I'm about to give birth to something
Call the doctor, call up to god, c'mon people get ready

Cause I am open now
Come out wherever you are
I am open now, now, now
Come out wherever you are

And grief it is a heavy thing
Don't know if I can hold it
And pain's been knocking persistently
but I've ignored it
And now it's called for back-up and it's knocking down my door
I'm un-hinged, wide open, feeling insecure

Cause I am open now,
come in whoever you are.
I am open now, now, now
come in whoever you are.


  1. it's beautiful! i love it. can't wait to see you in person.

    1. thank you cicely! i can't wait to see you. missing you so much!! xoxo